7.2. Token Utility
Tokenomics Map
  • Staking for incentives provided by collected fees (weekly).
  • Exchange fees and trading fees are collected in Enrex tokens (0.1%).
  • Direct offsetting fees are paid in Enrex tokens (1%).
  • Gathered fees are distributed (60% staking, Enrex treasury 15%, burned 25%).
  • Estimated 45% token burn; after burn cap is reached, gathered fees are distributed (75% staking, 25% Enrex treasury).
Enrex will receive fees from Enrex exchange/offsetting/API straight in $ENRX tokens. $ENRX tokens can be staked to earn incentives from gathered fees all across the Enrex’s blockchain ecosystem.
All CO2 allowances and renewable energy certificates will be traded in pairs directly to $ENRX tokens and the fee of 0.1% will be applied.
Direct offsetting or renewable certificate cancellation will have a fee of 1% paid in $ENRX.
API will have all of the listed functionalities (buying, selling, offsetting), so all the fees will be applied as mentioned.
All the fees will be distributed in such order:
  • 60% $ENRX will be distributed to the staking pool.
  • 15% $ENRX will be distributed to the Enrex treasury (for product development, liquidity and future project development).
  • 25% $ENRX tokens will be burned every week. Estimated is the total burn of 45% $ENRX total supply.
*after the burn cap is reached:
  • 75% $ENRX will be distributed to the staking pool.
  • 25% $ENRX - to the Enrex treasury.
The earnings that holders and liquidity providers receive will be directly proportional to the amount of $ENRX tokens staked.
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